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Please answer the following questions and be influential in the development of your residential community's services and leisure activities.
My habitual residence is*
Select your current residence. If you live somewhere else, you can enter the name of your resident into the box below.
I have lived there*
I have been involved in*
Select from the list all the leisure activities you've ever been involved, even if you are not currently in attendance. You can enter more details in the box below, eg the name of the association or club.
I would like to be involved
Type in the box below what kind of leisure activity you would like to be involved in if there is no such activity in the list.
The best services in my residency are*
Choose the best services in your opinion from the list below. If you can't find your favorite service, you can enter it in the box below.
In my opinion the following is missing from my residential community's services:
You can contact me and provide me with the information about the leisure activities, events, training, new hobbies etc.
My e-mail / address / phone number is:
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